Thursday, August 4, 2016

The devil declared war against you before you were even born

There is no draft for spiritual warfare. Yo don't get saved and then wait for a notice of draft from God. He doesn't selectively draft people who can be deemed capable for battle. There are no people labeled as "4-F" in God's army.

You were inducted the very moment you entered into salvation via relationship with Jesus Christ. (The key being the word "relationship")

The devil declared war against you before you were even born and takes special notice of you the day you become born again. So there is no draft.

The good news is that God immediately makes  available to you the equipment you need as weapons of warfare in the battles you will face. He has already won it for you. So you just need to follow Him through. You also have angels watching over you. So if you are feeling the "burn," --then rejoice. The devil doesn't want to hurt you..he wants to kill you. If you weren't important to God and God's army..the devil would leave you alone.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Seeking the Truth? Don't Settle for Anything Less then God

John 14:6 “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

 If you think you're pursuing truth without first pursuing God you are not really pursuing truth. You will more than likely settle with a facsimile of what you accept as truth. Nothing absolute, and hence, a candidate for being proven wrong at some point. You may accidentally hit some truth but, as Jonathan Edwards referred to it, it would be "speculative knowledge."

This is why the great philosophers offered such different perspectives on what is truth and even offered differing perspectives on who God is Himself.

God is truth. Jesus referred to Himself as "the way, the truth, and the life." What that means is that there is no way, truth, or life, outside of Him. Seeking truth without seeking God is making a statement about yourself and reveals an effort to build upon the prideful independence which motivates you.

God equals truth, and truth equals God. Pursuit of God reveals truth but not necessarily vice versa. With God the truth is usually mind and life altering ("the truth wail set you free"). Without pursuing God we leave the answers we find to our own understanding. In other words we define what is truth by what we settle on. And, at best, that is whatever is the result of out own imagination.

Don't settle for less. Pursue God and allow the truth to set you free.

John 8:32 “…and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Sunday, July 10, 2016

"Goodness" is a fruit if the Spirit..NOT the pathway to heaven

So someone says:
Being the good guy, being like Jesus, means not resisting evil, but overcoming it with love.

  • That’s dumb. There’s a reason goodness is presented as a fruit of the Spirit. It’s unnatural to our experience. We can stomach goodness if it’s primarily to those we deem deserving, or those we can think of as more needy than ourselves, as if we are stooping low to help. But not the enemy. The guy who lazed around all day and showed up an hour before quitting time doesn’t deserve the same pay as the guy who worked all day in the blazing sun. But that’s exactly what God gives. SOURCE: Key Life

Why Entertainment is Costing the Church its Young People

Why aren’t the hearts of our young people, who grow up knowing and seeing so much of the grace of Jehovah, being led to Him?

  • Christians have seen this problem for a long time.  And what’s the proposed solution been?  More youth groups, pizza parties, movie nights, and amusement park trips.  Instead of filling them with the love of God, we fill them with entertainment and teach them that church is the place to get it.  And we’re so ignorant, so short-sighted, that we don’t realize that we’re adding more fuel to the fire.  Because the root problem in some of these situations is that their heart is given to fun, not to Jehovah, and by adding more fun in the name of God, we’ve just driven them even farther away from Him. SOURCE: Clear Lens

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

"Free Thinkers" are actually very limited by their "Free Thought"

The first man who rejected Christianity, and then called himself a "free thinker," built an ideology better than he knew. If a man who rejects Christianity is a free thinker, the implication is that the man who accepts Christianity is a bound thinker--or one whose reason is in chains. It, of course, is not true. But....the "free thinker" is able to freely think what he will even if it is nonrational. He than can label it rational and call it good. "Free thinkers" as a philosophical viewpoint holds that beliefs should be formed on the basis of science, logic, and reason, and should not be influenced by authority, tradition, or any other dogma. It is, however, a dogma eat dogma world and if one presses the ideological notions of a "freethinker" one will find that their foundation is based more in "anti-religionism" as opposed to anything really reasonably "free." And the "anti-religion" sentiment is generally mis-focused. They tend to target anything religious and ask, at the same time, how can all the religions be so divided on issues. It would seem to me that the sensible thing would be to attack the point of contention that bothers their ability to think if they are anywhere near or abouts something that might be remotely religious of nature.

 I cannot say that I have not heard any preacher say "do not think," but they have used it in context of a miss-applied definition of faith. However, if I was to deliver that message and say to a congregation "do not think," then unless I had a gun pointed to your head at the moment, you would still have your ability to think.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dr. Voddie Baucham on the Separation of Church and State (" cannot do politics without theology....")

Discipleship is something more than simply creating “members” or “converts”.

 Jesus understood the importance of discipleship (the process of making disciples). In fact, it was so important, He made sure it was His last directive to those who followed Him. What precisely is discipleship and why is it so important? Is it simply a matter of making converts? No, it’s much more. The process of making disciples is often misunderstood and neglected in the Church today, and as a result, we are in danger of losing our identity as Christians. Christian discipleship is critical to Christian survival.

Even secular dictionaries recognize discipleship as something more than simply creating “members” or “converts”. describes a disciple as “a person who is a pupil or an adherent of the doctrines of another.” Webster’s online dictionary defines a disciple as “one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another.” At least one aspect of discipleship involves learning the doctrines of a particular system or teacher. This intellectual aspect of being a disciple is affirmed in the Bible. The Greek word used for “disciple” in the New Testament is “mathētḗs” and its root, “math-“, means the “mental effort needed to think something through“. Disciples are “learners”, “scholars” and followers of Christ who “learn the doctrines of Scripture and the lifestyle they require”. There is an important connection between doctrine and behavior. It’s not enough to simply follow Jesus’ moral teaching related to behavior, true disciples must understand the doctrines of Christianity. What does our worldview teach, theologically or philosophically? How are we to make a defense (1 Peter 3:15), hold fast the faithful word which is in accordance with this teaching (Titus 1:9), recognize a heresy when we see one (Titus 3:10), and guard the treasure which has been entrusted to us (2 Timothy 1:14)? Becoming a disciple means becoming a learner --J Warner Wallace

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sam Alberry: You Are Not Your Sexuality

Poll: Fewer AmericanChristians are allowing the Bible to Influence their Fiances

New research shines a light on an area of life where many American Christians are reluctant to allow the Bible to influence them: their finances.

According to American Bible Society's 2016 State of the Bible report, just 16 percent of all American adults, 46 percent of practicing Protestants and 20 percent of practicing Catholics say the Bible has "a lot" of influence on how they make decisions about money and finances.

The same report found that the picture is even worse when it comes to what people buy. A scant eight percent of all American adults, 26 percent of practicing Protestants and nine percent of practicing Catholics said that the Bible has a lot of influence on what they actually buy.

--SOURCE: Christian Post

Unprecedented: Small Wyoming town judge faces ban for religious beliefs

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Ignoring the pleas of LGBT citizens in the small town of Pinedale, Wyoming, a state agency is demanding that – after over 20 years of sterling service – Judge Ruth Neely be banned for life from the judiciary and pay up to $40,000 in fines merely for stating that her faith prevents her from personally performing same-sex weddings. Even though small-town magistrates like Judge Neely aren’t required or even paid by the state to perform weddings, the state agency concluded that Judge Neely “manifested a bias” and is therefore permanently unfit to serve as a judge. This would be the first time in the country that a judge was removed from office because of her religious beliefs about marriage.
“As a local LGBT couple who actually knows Judge Neely put it: punishing Judge Neely for her religious beliefs would be ‘obscene and offensive,’” said Daniel Blomberg, Legal Counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which submitted a friend-of-the-court brief defending Judge Neely. “They were right. In America, the government doesn’t get to punish people for their religious beliefs—especially not for beliefs that the U.S. Supreme Court itself, in the very opinion that recognized same-sex marriage, said were ‘decent and honorable’ and held ‘in good faith by reasonable and sincere people.’”
Judge Neely has served the community of Pinedale, Wyoming (population, 2030) for over 20 years. Many local officials in Pinedale can solemnize weddings, but are not required to do so. Judges like Judge Neely can decline to perform weddings for many reasons, such as a desire to marry only friends and family, to avoid conflicts with fishing, football games, or hair appointments, or even simply because they “don’t feel like it.” Nevertheless, Judge Neely faces removal from office for saying that her religious beliefs would prevent her from performing a same-sex marriage—even though she has never even been asked to perform one.
Judge Neely has had a career of impeccable service, with local mayors and citizens praising her fairness and impartiality. The local town attorney says that “every[one] who appears before Ruth gets a fair shake,” and another Pinedale resident says “Ruth Neely is one of the best people I have ever met.” Even the state agency calling for her ouster admits she has “served the community well” and she’s a “well-recognized and respected judge.” The worst offense that the state agency was able to find was that she occasionally corrected police officers who used bad grammar in writing tickets.
“Unfortunately, the agency is trying make an example out of Judge Neely to intimidate any other judge that doesn’t toe the agency’s line on marriage,” continued Blomberg. “But the constitution doesn’t allow government agents to purge the judiciary of anyone who holds ‘heretical’ views about marriage.”
The Becket Fund today submitted an amicus brief in support of Judge Neely in the Wyoming Supreme Court. Joining the Becket Fund on the amicus brief is local counsel Douglas W. Bailey. Judge Neely is represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom.
For more information or to arrange an interview with a Becket Fund attorney, please contact Melinda Skea at or 202-349-7224. Interviews can be arranged in English, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.
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